TGA welcomes the projects of all video games producers, artists, youtubers and others team members and collaborators to produce a game in its final or non-final version.

  1. Tunisian Game Awards (TGA) reserves the right to decide whether an entry may compete or not.
  2. The deadline for submissions during TGA 2016 is the 24th of October for all categories. Entries submitted later than this may be ignored or exceptionally considered by the committee.
  3. A playable demo – not necessarily a completed game – must be submitted by each team by the competitions deadline. This submission is referred to as the final entry. Additionally, each team is required to submit at least three (3) in-game screenshots, a gameplay video or a trailer and a 200 word description of the game.
  4. Partners to TGA are not liable for lawsuit from participants of the competition regarding game ideas or likenesses to their own products, current or future.
  5. Award nominees and winners are selected by the competition’s jury, and its decision cannot be appealed.
  6. If a team plans an ambitious entry that does not completely follow the rules above they may contact TGA with a rule’s exception request. More specific demands that affect the final entry may be announced during the course of the competition.
  7. Teams may submit multiple game entries. This also means individuals may participate in multiple teams and entries during the same competition run.
  8. Entries must run on one of the following operating systems: Windows 7, 8 or 10, or OS X (as a Universal binary).
  9. Entries targeting the mobile platform must run on one of the following platforms: Windows Phone, Iphone/Ipad or Android.
  10. Entries are allowed to use existing technology (such as libraries, game engines, game makers, etc.) and existing media (such as images, 3D models, sound effects, etc.) However, teams must have the right to use the technology, media and trademarks, as well as the right to submit the final entry to TGA for judgement, i.e. respect copyrights and any applicable license agreements. TGA organizers have the rights to showcase your works on TGA/TGD website or in the exhibition area.

  Judging process

Round 1 :

Jury members will review the submissions. 24 October 2016.

Round 2 :

 30 October 2016 public can vote on TGA website.

Final Note = 70% juries notes + 30% (public votes online).