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I live outside Tunisia. May I enter the TGA Competition?


We are working on more than one game. Can more than one game be entered in the TGA Competition?


My game is complicated. How can I make sure that judges understand and play it correctly?

One excellent way to do this is via video. We allow you to attach a video link (public on YouTube) to your submission. But you are also welcome to link private tutorial videos in your submission or even upload them alongside your submission. Also feel free to link to other background information.

Can I update my game after entering the competition?

You can upload new builds of your game at any time. Please note that after the competition deadline, judges may look at your game at any time. You can continue giving us new versions, but we only absolutely guarantee that judges will see the version of your game uploaded at deadline time.

What systems must a game run on?

The TGA Competition officially supports any platform – PC, console, web, mobile, etc. Many of our judges also have access to console development kits – please specify what is needed in your submission. We cannot guarantee that judges will have access to any special hardware required to play your game.

It's been X days since the deadline for submissions has passed. Is it too late to enter our game into the festival?

If you don’t make the cutoff date, we can’t accept your game. Sorry — it’s in the interest of fairness to all the other entries, who had to cut their development cycle short to get their games in on time. You can always enter the competition next year!

How do I distribute an iOS game to you if it's not already on the App Store?

Our backend allows iOS developers to upload pre-release (“ad-hoc”) builds of their games and submit them to the IGF just like builds for any other platform. These will be automatically provisioned for all the devices our judges and jurors have added when they are admitted into the backend, so all of our judges are free to play any iOS game, even ones they have not been randomly assigned. Check Google or Apple’s documentation for information on creating ad-hoc builds, and our instructions provided when submitting your game.

Will I receive feedback on my game?

Developer feedback has always been an optional part of the judging process and in general, having the game played in detail by multiple judges takes precedence over providing written feedback. While the feedback is well intentioned, without having a clear structure it is often inconsistent or on par with what a normal user playtest would provide.

So we will be removing written judge feedback – at least for this year – to concentrate on further optimizing the judging process, getting people playing as many games as possible and formalizing the feedback system.

How does the TGA judging and jurying process operate?

Read rules page.

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