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Applications for Tunisian Game Awards are now open!


Tunisian Game Awards


Tunisian Game Awards will bring together the gaming and game development community together to showcase their digital games. A conference and small exhibition will be concurrently held with the awards ceremony, with renowned international speakers participating to the Jury and speaking to the attendees.

Who are we targeting?

Our previously events (Global Game Jam, .) have shown us that in Tunisia there is a huge and very cohesive community of video games fans and professionals yet reuniting different profiles. The video games community counts also several very active studios and video games professional who, despite the several weaknesses of the industry and its shortfalls, are striving to develop good quality and compelling games.

TGA addresses :

  • High school and University students.
  • Independent artists (designer 2d / 3d, animation, musicians …)
  • Independent developers
  • Professionals of IT field
  • GAMERS (amateur and professionals).
  • Gaming youtubers.
  • Cosplayers community.
  • Investors.
  • The media specialist in the field of the IT. Providers of hardware (dedicated to gaming).

Awards Ceremony :

The TGA will gather the best talent in the Video Games Industry from Tunisia and is also open to the participation of developers and artists from the MENA region. An International Jury will preside the selection and distribution of prizes for the following categories of participants:

  • Game of the Year
  • Best Technology
  • Best Visual Art
  • Audience Award
  • Best MobileGame
  • Best (PC/Console) Game
  • Best Student Game
  • Best Arabic Game
  • Best 3d Artist
  • Best 2d Artist
  • Best Esports Performance
  • Best Gaming Youtuber
  • Best Cosplayer

Conferences :

More than 6 international speakers will share their experiences with the community.

Exhibition :

Showcasing of participants Games,Cosplay…

  • A dedicated space will be provided for participants to the TGA to showcase their games, drawings, videos and other works.
  • Visibility of the participants works and our sponsors will allow for the public and the jury to choose the best games/works for each category.

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